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Google Ad Revenue to Rise as Search Engine Giant Kills Rivals and Demotes Online Stores

A potential update around January 9th 2014 has seen some dramatic changes in previously trusted domains.

Possible Click Fraud on Australian CPC Sites MyShopping and Getprice

The fact is that visitors from My Shopping and Getprice, whoever they are, exit more after one click, buy less, spend less time on the site and look at less pages than Organic, Direct, Adwords, Bing and Yahoo Visitors.

Click Frenzy Fail

Widely marketed as the sale that will stop the nation, Click Frenzy wasted all of the hype surrounding the event and delivered an enormous fail.

The Rise and Rise of Smart Phones

A recent PWC report into online commerce, quoting Hitwise figures, generated a few surprises.

One eye widener was the explosion of online purchases conducted on mobile devices, and the inescapable need to accommodate smart phones as part of the sales process.

Hang in there Mr Harvey!

The Australian newspaper reported during the week that Harvey Norman were disappointed with the performance of their online entity, launched in November 2011, and had revised their sales targets down by 60%–80%.

But isn’t it a little early to throw in the towel?

Understanding and Aligning Advertising Goals with Business Strategy

I recently reviewed the Adwords strategy for a large online store and found that they could spend less and gain more. Aligning the business strategy with all business units is critical to business success, and advertising in no exception.

Woolworths Launch Virtual Supermarket

The marketing team at Woolies deserve big raps. Instead of posting yet another billboard spouting cheaper prices they have chosen to truley differentiate themselves by offering products and ordering via virtual stores and mobile phones.

Delaying your Christmas profit taking can lead to bigger rewards.

One thing I’ve found when running an online store is to give a little and not be greedy. Customers love a free gift, an unexpected product, sampler, or a simple ‘thank you’.

Another thing I notice is that many stores look at the Christmas sales period as the goal, neglecting New Year and the post Christmas holiday period.

Online Stores Need To Concentrate On The Basics

There is plenty of hype surrounding online shopping, but increasingly I see online stores forgetting their roots, and neglecting the strengths they built their businesses on.

Come on people. It’s simple stuff.

Harvey Norman launch online store, but will it work?

With very little fanfare Harvey Norman launched their online store today.

So has Harvey Norman delivered a competitive proposition to the market and reconciled it’s traditional sales model, traditional costs and it’s need to drive customers in-store.

Nerd to English Translations

CPC: Cost Per Click – Advertising model where by you are charged each time someone clicks on advertising and is directed to your website. Also known as PPC (Pay per Click).

PPS: Pay Per Sale – Advertising model which only charges when a sale occurs. A much fairer system for online stores as you have measurable results based on actual outcomes (sales).

URL: Uniform Resource Locator – Internet addresses, commonly beginning with www.

TLA: Three Letter Acronyms – IT people love them. We have TLAs for everything.

ROI: Return on Investment – One for the accounting nerds. How much you get back from money you outlay for something like advertising.

SEO: Search Engine Optimisation – The pretty broad term encompassing all of the things you do to make your site friendly to Search Engines.

Merchant ID: An identification number allocated by a bank in order to accept credit card payments online.

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