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Merchant Signup

Please ensure you have read the Information for Online Stores before signing up. If you are adding a free listing, don’t forget to link to us from your store’s homepage.

Add or Update Your Store Details

  1. Use a 'friendly' name such as your trading name not your Pty Ltd company or web address

  2. We're going to need this to refer traffic to you!

  3. Who should we contact if we have questions about your listing?

  4. Using a detailed and unique store description will improve your ranking.

    Try not to cut/paste directly from your website, type something new and fresh which describes what your store sells and why customers should buy from you.

  5. Include as many products as possible in your feed.

    Don't include discontinued stock items, or products which will be out of stock for a long time. If some products are out of stock, but not discontinued try to add a 'back in stock date' if possible.

    Adding stock status (in stock/out of stock) or amount of stock on hand will improve your ranking.

    For more information please see What Product Feed information does Gimme need?.

  6. All successful stores use affiliates to refer sales.

  7. Providing a unique discount code of '' will improve your ranking.

  8. The more you add the more exposure you will receive on Gimme Shopping.

    Example: Do you offer Use Express Shipping, Do you ship orders Same Day, low prices, discreet shipping, free gifts with orders, large range, product quality, returns guarantee, free shipping over a particular order amount.