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No Risk, No Upfront Costs.

There are some great reasons to list with Gimme Shopping!

Gimme Shopping is different to other shopping search and comparison websites. We don’t charge to list your store, we don’t manipulate our search results or advantage merchants who pay us, we don’t promote your competitors and their products on your store pages or make you pay anything just to send traffic to your site.

We do provide an innovative and unbiased shopping search and comparison service which is free and useful for shoppers, promotes competition, and enables feedback about online stores and products.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my products displayed on Gimme Shopping?

To register complete the Merchant Sign-up. Once we have verified your store and product data feed you will be displayed in our search results and category listings.

Why should my online store join Gimme Shopping?

Using Gimme Shopping will increase traffic to your online store, and because we’re an online shopping search service many leads come from shoppers who have made a buy decision and are looking for the best retailer.

Gimme Shopping also provides inbound links which can improve your Internet Search Engine rankings…and it’s FREE to join Gimme Shopping. We only make money if you have an affiliate program and only when you receive verified sales from Gimme Shopping, otherwise there is no charge to use our service.

That’s how confident we are of providing sales for your online shop…you don’t pay for traffic so there’s no risk. You only pay commission on confirmed sales.

There are two ways. You can either use our HTML code (below) or insert our listed store logo and link to our front page.

The HTML code for our logo is here:

<a href="" onclick="'_blank';">
    <img src=""
      alt="Gimme Shopping Search Australia" style="border: 0" />

Note: If your website has a dark background change the 01 in the above code to 02.

The image will appear on your website like this:

Gimme Shopping Search Australia

Letting shoppers know that you are listed with shopping search services can make shoppers more comfortable in dealing with your store. Return links to Gimme shopping can also improve our search engine rank and our ability to send more traffic to your site!

What Product Feed information does Gimme need?

Gimme is very flexible with regard to feed formats. Any datafeed format is fine, for example XML and CSV.

Your feed will need to contain Product Name, Detailed Product Description, Product Page URL, Product Image URL, Product Price and Full Category Path.

We also highly recommend including Stock Levels, Manufacturer IDs and Product Codes.

Many stores prefer to provide entire feeds and let us map the information we need.

How can my store get to the top of Gimme Shopping?

Gimme Shopping provides online shoppers with the best results for any given search term, so relevance is the key. The best result is a combination of criteria such as whether a product is in stock, if a search matches a product, store or category, the quality of your product data feed, and other weightings which we believe will provide shoppers with the most relevant results for a search.

To get the most out of Gimme Shopping:

  1. Complete the Merchant Signup form on our front page.
  2. Provide a product datafeed.
  3. Ensure your datafeed is live and updated regularly.
  4. Include stock levels in your datafeed.
  5. Ensure product names accurately describe your products.
  6. Ensure product descriptions are relavent, clear and accurate.
  7. Provide the most descriptive product categories that you can.
  8. Don’t group dissimilar products in one category.
  9. Don’t duplicate identical products in your datafeed.
  10. Ensure your feed doesn’t include broken links.
  11. Don’t include discontinued products in your datafeed.
  12. Include good quality, relevant product images in your datafeed.
  13. Create ‘Gimme Shopping’ specific discount coupons.
  14. Create a link to Gimme Shopping on your website.
  15. Ask your customers to add comments and reviews of your products and for your store.
  16. Respond to Gimme Shopping customer enquiries quickly.

Should I use an Affiliate Program?

Absolutely. Many successful online stores thrive on quality traffic and your site’s sales conversion, affiliate programs definitely increase traffic.

We highly recommend participating in affiliate marketing programs to access the enormous community of Internet marketers who work on a commission only basis to increase traffic and sales for your online store.

Which Affiliate Program should I use?

We recommend either clixGalore or Commission Monster, many stores use both, and many ecommerce cart products include direct affiliate sales programs.

How much commission should my Online Store pay for referred sales?

That’s entirely up to you and depends on your margins and how much you are willing to spend to gain sales. If you offer a percentage of sales as part of your affiliate program you only pay for confirmed sales, so you only pay for results and at a rate you are happy with.

Gimme Shopping is not like other shopping search sites which only offer a CPC (Cost Per Click) payment option where you pay even if the traffic generated doesn’t produce any sales.

Why are some of my products listed in the ‘Miscellaneous’ Category?

Usually when there is not enough detailed category information to merge your feed into the Gimme Index.

Categories with multiple product types such as ‘Digital Cameras & Electronics’, or which have missing category information like ‘Red’ or ‘Large’ (Red or Large what?!) will be need to be moved manually.

It is especially important for stores who sell across multiple categories to provide detailed category paths in order for us to handle your feeds. Providing information like ‘Toy Trucks > Red’ and ‘Mens Shirts > Large’ is very helpful.

Gimme has millions of products listed and we address Miscellaneous products as best we can. Miscellaneous products will not receive the same level of exposure, so we highly recommend providing detailed category information.

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