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66fit Elite Foam Roller - White - 10cm x 90cm

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{Product Info}The 66fit Elite Foam Roller is a solid 10cm x 90cm (4' x 36') The PE material foam roller is used in physiotherapy, Pilates, yoga, fitness and rehabilitation and often for Myofascial Release. It has been made using a higher foam density and is a 'one piece construction' means that it will not distort or flatten under extensive usage (most other foam rollers presently on the market are made from a 2 piece construction consisting of an inner and outer core which can cause weakness and distortion over a period of time) The Elite Foam Roller has been extensively tested over the last 24 months in the USA & UK, and Australia have a 100% pass rate. Ideal for stretching, the 66fit Elite Foam Roller (stability roller) can help improve stability and flexibility and is great for promoting stabilisation, core strength and balance training. Iliotibial band syndrome (ITBS or ITBFS, for iliotibial band friction syndrome) The Elite Foam roller is used by many people to help loosen the iliotibial band and can help in the prevention and treatment of pain to this area. Features:Foam Roller - 1pc Construction 10cm x 90cm (4' x 36') Colour: White {Material Type} There are various material types of foam roller materials on the market, and this item is made from PE (Polyethylene). The different types of material that foam rollers are made from can cause much confusion, so here is a quick insight into the differences. PE - Polyethylene: When purchasing a PE foam roller it is advisable to purchase a 'one piece' construction foam roller. This is due to the fact that it will retain its shape for a much longer period than a 2pc construction. It is easy to tell the difference by simply looking at the end of the foam roller. If it has an 'inner circle' - so it looks like a foam roller within an outer part - it is made from a 2pc construction. From our experience 2pc construction foam rollers tend to distort over a short time, and also tends not to be as firm with the inner section

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