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66Fit Elite Hallux Valgus Padded Support

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{Product Info}The 66fit Hallux Valgus Padded Support has been designed to immobilise the hallux valgus, aids in patient comfort and helps maintain alignment. This support can be worn at night or during the day whilst at home in bare feet. It provides a rigid splint that immobilises the big toe, whilst maintaining correct alignment and helping to control swelling. It is extremely comfortable to wear and is adjustable to ensure maximum user comfort and support. The rigid splint provides protection and support to the hallux valgus and big toe by partially immobilising and maintaining it in a neutral postion. Features Size: One Size Fits All Available In Either Left or Right Foot Unisex: Suitable for both male and females Suitable For: Bunions, Hallux Valgus Fully adjustable for optimum fit Fitting instructions included MHRA Class 1 Registered Medical Device Single Patient Use Only CE Approved Made in the UK Before purchasing any type of 66fit elite support - we recommend that you consult your GP or therapist to diagnose your condition. {Specifications}Brand: 66fit Size: One Size Fits All Colour: Blue Main Material: Nylon Made In: UK Presented In: Zipp locked bag with fitting instructions Packed Weight: 350gms Option: Select Left or Right Foot: Left, Right

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