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Canon BP-511, BP-511A Li-Ion Battery

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Compatible battery to replace the Canon video/digital camera part number BP-511, BP-511A (part number located on camera battery). Compatible with Canon video camera: Canon MV750i, MV700i, MV730i, MVX3i, EOS-D30, FV300 KIT, FV40 KIT, G-1, MV-300, MV-300i, MV-30i, MV-400i, MV-430i, MV-450i, MV600i, MV630i, MV650i, MVX100i, MVX150i, MVX2i, MVXli, Optura 10, Optura 100MC, Optura 20, Optura 200MC, Optura Pi, Powershot G1, PowerShot G2, PowerShot G3, PowerShot G5, Powershot Pro 90 IS, ZR10, ZR20, ZR25MC, ZR30MC, ZR50MC, ZR60, ZR65MC, ZR70MC High quality BP-511, BP-511A Li-Ion battery will allow you to charge the video/digital camera battery at any time without the "memory effect" or the need to discharge it first.

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