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Classic RPCM Cool Vest - Royal Blue

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{Product Info}The Classic RPCM Cool Vest is made from hard wearing blue cotton twill. In addition, this vest features a heavy-duty front zipper that assists with ease of wearability. The Classic RPCM Cool Vest provides the user with maximum ergonomic comfort. The cool vest's are great for those exposed to high temperatures for prolonged periods, either outside or in a warehouse situation. The RPCM (Renewable Phase Change Material) Cool Vests are suitable for anyone working in warm to hot temperatures for short to prolonged periods of time. The RPCM Cool Vests feature over-the-shoulder and side strap adjustability and a heavy-duty front zipper for easy on/off wear. The Cool Vest maintains a constant dry 15?C for up to 2.5 hours in ambient temperature of up to 38?C. Cool packs are dry and do not sweat or produce condensation, leaving you cool, dry and comfortable. Unlike conventional ice and gel packs which take hours to freeze, one of the most exciting features of the Cool Packs is their ability to recharge in only 20 minutes in ice water or 30 minutes in the refrigerator or freezer. Keep a set of charged Cool Packs on site in a portable cooler for quick and easy changeovers. The chemical in the Cool Packs is completely non-toxic, non-flammable, safe and environmentally friendly. Should the Cool Packs rupture, it is easily washed off with mild soap and water The Cool Vest comes complete with a pack of 4 Cooling units which fit into pockets - two at the back and one either side of the zippered front. The total weight of the Cool Vest is less than 2.3 kg. {Specifications}Brand: Glacia Tek Dimensions: N/A Colour: Blue Main Material: Cotton Twill outer Made In: China Presented In: Loose Packed Weight: 2.5kg Option: Additonal Cool Pack - Set x 4 & Save: Not Required, Spare Cool Pack Required - Add $188

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