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Daiwa Saltiga Overhead Fishing Reel - Model 40

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Daiwa Saltiga Overhead Fishing Reel – Saltiga 40 Deepwater jigging requires a fishing reel capable of withstanding extreme conditions. Daiwa has approached this challenge by creating a range of overhead fishing reels using sophisticated engineering techniques that will endure amid formidable deepwater conditions. Computer numerical control (CNC) machining enabled Daiwa to construct these superior Saltiga overhead fishing reels as one piece of aluminium. The idea behind CNC machining is that one solid body is stronger than multiple pieces being combined to try and make a body. Strength is what sets a Daiwa Saltiga overhead fishing reel apart from the pretenders. You need a fishing reel capable of standing up to the pressure exerted by super braids. Daiwa Saltiga reels have a narrow design to make deepwater jigging a breeze with this overhead reel. This is because the axis point remains in the centre of the fishing rod and deliver incredible balance. Forget about side overbalance and levelwind as you try to secure your dream catch. Within the Daiwa Saltiga range of overhead fishing reels, the drag is an impressive 10kg so the line up of saltiga overhead fishing reels will handle tough fish with ease. Features and Specifications Model Gear Ratio #Ball Bearings Wt. (g) Drag (kg) Spool Capacity (braid) Saltiga 30 5.4 6+1 475 10 PE 3/300m, 4/220m Saltiga 30 L 5.4 6+1 475 10 PE 3/300m, 4/220m Saltiga 30T 4.9 6+1 670 10 PE 5/400m, 6/300m Saltiga 40 4.9 6+1 690 10 PE 6/300m, 8/200m Note PE is braid capacity (generally x10 for lb rating so PE2 is around 20lbs – PE 4 around 40lb) CNC machining to create one aluminium body Grease-impregnated multidisc drag system Infinite Anti-Reverse Inner parts built directly onto frame Machine-cut alloy gears Precision-machined alloy spool for

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Category: Camping & Fishing

Manufacturer: Daiwa Fishing

Store Information: Ocean Storm Fishing Tackle

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