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Daiwa Saltist 40

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The Daiwa Saltist is instantly recognizable, as it bears a striking resemblance to the famous Saltiga series. The new Saltist series, is built tough with full metal construction, with virtually all components being metal for maximum reliability while most competitor reels at this price point are full of graphite components. Like the Saltiga, the Saltist is built to handle ultra-strong braided lines in addition to traditional monofilament.To eliminate body flex the frame and side plates are all constructed of rigid aluminium alloy. Available in two different gear ratio’s, 6.1 or 4.9, the Saltist is capable of pulling in over a metre of line with every handle turn, winding power is actually up to 30% greater than similar reels. Four ball bearings and a roller bearing add efficiency to the drive train support, with Daiwa’s special CRBB anti-corrosion ball bearings supporting the spool.The Saltist main gears are machined from Daiwa’s exclusive high strength alloy stock. These gears have very tight tolerances for extra high strength and a smooth retrieve feel. With a powerful ratio and rigid frame support the Saltist should deliver exceptional winding power right out of the box. Backed up by a drag system that features stainless and grease impregnated fibre washers that offer super-smooth drag pressure up to 22% greater than the max drag of competitor reels of the same size. The secret rests in the wet drag system which effectively combats performance robbing heat while maintaining maximum contact with each disc’s surface.Two new sizes are introduced this year, the high speed 20 and 30 size; these are perfect for live baiting in bays or harbours and equally at home casting from the rocks. Perfectly matched and balanced for the new range of Monster Mesh jigging rods and the Saltist Boat series of rods.Rugged all metal construction with rigid one piece aluminium frame 4 stainless steel ball bearings CRBB bearings on the spool Powerful high strength alloy gears

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Category: Camping & Fishing > Weekly Special > Overhead Reel

Manufacturer: DAIWA

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