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EZFlash EZ Flash Vi Plus for DS Lite / Dsi

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'1:1 original card size,side loading; Takes MicroSD (Trans Flash) as external storage. cheap and variety usage; Direct boot, no need another boot card or flash your DS. EZ5 can also be used as a boot card; Moonshell integrated bootloader, direct watch DPG movie, listen MP3, read TXT book in loader; Bootloader can be fully customized; Dual read mode: CLEAN and HYBRID. CLEAN means just drag and drop to play. HYBRID improves compatiblity, such as boost the read speed -- lag time is minimized even if you have a low speed microsd card; Perfect FAT system support, automatic generation of save files; Using hardware flashchip saver. Never lose your save again; Loader upgradeable via downloads; Homebrew support, IO lib released on launch. '

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