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LEGO - Ninjago - Skull Motorbike - 2259

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Battle Chopov to retrieve the nunchucks of lightening!

Chopov is escaping on his Skull Motorbike with the nunchucks of lightening and Sensei Wu has sent Jay to stop him. Can he use his new-found skills to avoid the Skull Motorbike’s Ninja swat defense and retrieve the nunchucks? Set features 2 minifigures, 3 weapons and Skull Motorbike with realistic details.

•Includes 2 minifigures: Jay and Chopov

•Features Skull Motorbike, nunchucks of lightening, black sword and bone axe

•Shoot flames from the Skull Motorbike’s tailpipes!

•Battle for the nunchucks of lightening!

•Skull Motorbike features cool details and chain link elements!

•Skull Motorbike is over 11” (28cm) long

Ages: 7-14

Pieces: 157

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Category: Toys & Games

Store Information: Playdex Toys

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