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McDavid Jock Strap - Adult Supporter

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{Product Info}Athletic type Sports Supporter - the original Jock Strap by McDavid - This very popular jockstrap or suspensory for men has to be the most comfortable multi purpose supporter featuring a power-knit pouch with Intera for rapid drying & cooling. Much more comfortable to wear and cooler than standard fashion cotton or synthetic fabrics. What is Intera? Intera is a patented process that permanently bonds hydrophilic (water attracting) molecules to synthetic fabric surfaces. It keeps you dryer and more comfortable even during the toughest workout or sport. It literally pulls sweat away from the skin, rapidly spreading the moisture over a broader surface area. This allows quicker evaporation and stops you overheating and becoming uncomfortable. 1, As you exercise the body produces sweat & heat builds up. 2, Intera Wear pulls the moisture away from the body & across the fabric. 3, Evaporation now occurs to immediately reduce heat build up. The wearer is kept dryer and cooler and thus more comfortable. Intera also provides greater resistance to bacteria and mildew growth, odours & skin irritations that can be product of perspiration (such as jock itch). It incorporates a comfortable wide 80mm knit waistband coloured white with a pair of black tramline bands and a green band sandwiched in the middle. This Athletic type support has 10mm elastic leg straps. This type of Gym Jock Strap also previously known as a Bike Jockey Strap in is often worn during football, soccer, track and field, cross country running, basketball and tennis, and often used in wrestling. It is often used in baseball by players other than those playing the position of catcher. It is good for lifting protection. It is thought to assist in the prevention of testicle torsion and is great companion to have in your underwear draw. McDavid and Body Assist supports are given a Protection Level from 1-4. Where 1 gives the least amount of support and 4 gives the most amount of support. Thi

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