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Neurotrac Multi Tens - Dual Channel Neuro Muscular Stimulator

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{Product Info}The Multi TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) machine is an exciting new product from Verity Medical - Digital Dual channel TENS and NMS (Neuro Muscular Stimulation) device for Pain Relief and muscle rehabilitation. The Multi TENS from Verity Medical allows you to run 2 programmes at once! The ability to run two different TENS programmes at the same time allows you to run a combination of high and low frequency drug free pain relief treatments on two areas at the same time. For example, you can use channel 1 to release pain relieving endorphins in the area of where the pain occurs. At the same time, use channel 2 for triggering the pain gate mechanism, placing your electrodes on the meridian near the vertebra. Endorphins and gate mechanism are targeted with different combinations of stimulus at the same time, this is where Multi TENS is very useful. The Multi TENS has several benefits over it's old counterparts: Better LCD: An improved clear bright back lit LCD allows the display to be read more easily in low light or dark conditions. Better Keypad: An improved keypad with bigger keys for ease of use. Multiphase custom programmes: Up to 5 phases can be configured for each of the three custom programmes. The custom programmes feature a simple setup of one phase only or advanced setup of up to 5 phases. With the Multi TENS there is no need to carry the instruction manual around - as on the back of the unit there is a reference to the various programs, and has a belt clip on the rear Comprehensive Statistics: The statistics are backed up by am internal calendar system. When locked, the unit record up to 5 sessions daily for up to 60 days. An easy to use menu system allows the therapist to review the statistics to ensure that the patient is using the unit correctly. The Mulit TENS Features: The NeuroTrac Multi TENS comes in its own black plastic carry case, with a single 9 volt battery, Set of 4 50x50 square electrodes, Pair of leads and i

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