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Propolis - 365 Capsules

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Propolis capsules are an easy and convenient way to take propolis. These easy to swallow capsules are beneficial to your body in the maintenance and improvement of general well being. Product Features:Small easy to swallow capsules 500 mg capsulesWhat is Propolis?   Propolis has been around for over 45 million years, and has been used by man for thousands of years. Propolis is a sticky resin, which seeps from the buds of certain trees. The bees gather propolis, sometimes called “bee glue” and carry it home in their pollen baskets. The worker bees then take the resinous material and add salivary secretions and wax flakes to it and use the bee propolis in two ways: firstly to reinforce the hive itself, and secondly propolis protects the hive from bacterial and viral infection.  

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