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PureGlare BP00010 TV Lamp XL-2100U for SONY KDF-42WE655

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PureGlare BP00010 TV Lamp XL-2100U for SONY KDF-42WE655, KDF-50WE655, KDF-60XBR950, KDF-70XBR950, KF-42SX300, KF-42WE610, KF-42WE620, KF-50W610, KF-50WE610, KF-60WE610, KF-WE42, KF-WE50, KF-WS60, KDF-42WE355, KDF-60X8R950 -

1. BP00010 The identical performance as of Original module-Original Bulb inside! PureGlare lamp module incorporates original lamp bulb and tailor-made designed cage. It gives the identical quality of overall performance as of Original lamp module, including brightness, duration, etc. in the meantime, PureGlare to sources and provides Original Modules in our website to fulfill customer needs. (Every effort has been made to ensure there are original bulbs inside of PureGlare lamp modules contained herein. PureGlare makes no warranty expressed or implied with respects to implemented components of the product) 2. The widest product coverage: Out of the current active 3,000-4,000 projector models which need replacement lamps, PureGlare supports more than 2,000 models of projector, and increasing supported models consistently. 3. Stable supply PureGlare commits a stable supply of lamp modules as there is always a large stock of lamps kept as PureGlare inventory. 4. Low RMA rate All PureGlare lamp module contains either Original lamp modules or original lamp bulb inside are through the most rigorous tests of Original lamp manufactures. The quality of PureGlare lamp module is guaranteed.

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Category: Computers > Projectors > Projector Lamps & Bulbs

Manufacturer: PureGlare

Store Information: Mwave

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