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SPINeRVALS Competition 19.0 Bending Crank Arms

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Indoor Cycling Training DVDs Spinervals Competition Workouts are the leading cycling training DVDs for cyclists and triathletes. It's like having a spinning class and a indoor cycling training program all in one. Building maximum strength on the bike is best achieved by working hard and generating force in a range of motion specific to cycling. In Spinervals 19.0 - "Bending Crank Arms", Coach Troy guides you through a muscle building, cycling specific strength workout that will make you stronger and more powerful. Join him for a very challenging workout of 'off the bike' strength work with dumbbells and 'on the bike' strength work with huge gears for an extremely effective combination for maximum strength development. Do this workout and you'll soon be so strong, you'll be 'bending crank arms'. Length: 58 minutes Difficulty level: 9.5 Since 1995, Coach Troy has paved the way in the indoor cycling DVD workout world and that's why an estimated 500,...

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Category: Sports & Recreation

Manufacturer: SPINeRVALS

Store Information: Ezi Sports

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