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Van Gogh's Table: At the Auberge Ravoux

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At the Auberge Ravoux, in a tiny artists' village twenty miles from Paris, Vincent Van Gogh experienced a burst of creativity, producing some seventy works in an astounding seventy days. The auberge, his last home, operates today as the Maison de Van Gogh, and little has changed in the intervening century: visitors are still treated to the comforting, delicious cuisine that he would have enjoyed in 1890. Van Gogh's Table is an intimate view into this world, as revealing as sharing poulet and pommes sauté es with the artist himself: fifty recipes; a richly detailed history of this period of the artist's life; a fascinating examination of the central role of the café in French culture; and carefully selected engravings, postcards, letters, and paintings, all woven together into a singular perspective on a man and a place, during a remarkable moment in history.

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